Ink Drops in 4k

You can watch it here in this little window, but do yourself a favor and find the largest monitor you can, load this link to the original, go full screen, set the quality level to Original and wait for the glory that is RED and 4k video resolution. It may take a while to load, but it’s worth it.

The sight of blue and yellow blobs crashing into a slow-motion explosion of green on your screen is usually entertaining enough in itself, but how about cranking up its resolution to a mighty 4096 x 2304? That’s what Jacob Schwarz has done, with the help of a RED Epic camera, a Canon 100mm macro lens, and Adobe’s Premiere CS6 software. Together with his partner Katie Schwarz, Jacob has put together three minutes of stunningly detailed footage of ink drops diluting and intermingling in water.

The Verge wrote that

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