Greg Sand: Altered Memory

GSand_Vestige_12-471x700 GSand_Traces_Boy_Sitting_by_Wall-525x700 GSand_Snapshot_Only_Child-427x700 GSand_Photo_Booth-140x700 GSand_Snapshot_Sitting_Portrait-651x410 GSand_Traces_Boy_Walking_on_Grass-651x434 GSand_Absence_8-532x700 GSand_Absence_1-532x700


Artists statement: My work is about memory, the passage of time, mortality and the photograph’s role in shaping our experience of loss. Photography’s unique ability to capture a fleeting moment allows it to expose the temporality of life. “By giving me the absolute past of the pose… the photograph tells me death in the future… I shudder over a catastrophe which has already occurred.” These words from Roland Barthes’s Camera Lucida describe how I feel when I view a photograph so old that the subject must be dead. My response has a number of layers: I feel an immediate connection to the living person in the photograph, followed by a dread of what inevitably is to come for them, completed by a sense of grief over what has, of course, already transpired. This reaction is why the majority of my work utilizes found photographs, which I manipulate to create an abstract narrative exploring mortality. My work aims to question the nature of photographs and challenge the traditional definition of photography.


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Gentle Brain – Eugene Krivoruchko

Gentle Brain is an interactive piece about the fleeting nature of digital pleasures. Commissioned by the wonderful Etterstudio for MUDA, Museum for Digital Art, opening in Zurich in the late of 2014.

Gentle Brain is friends with iPads and features accelerometer support.

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Image dump 151

In cleaning out old files I came across a mountain of great images. They are in no particular order and have no links to their origins (sorry). So I will be posting 100 at a time. 151 this time. Enjoy.


Image dump 100

In cleaning out old files I came across a mountain of great images. They are in no particular order and have no links to their origins (sorry). So I will be posting 100 at a time. Enjoy.


The 9 circles of hell from Dante’s Inferno recreated in Lego










Mihai Marius Mihu

Lego artist Mihai Marius Mihu says: I didn’t read the Divine Comedy, only the small descriptions of the circles I found on the websites. I didn’t want to be much influenced by the original descriptions because I wanted to give a whole new fresh approach for each circle. I thought more about the significance of titles and from then on it was only my imagination.
Picture: Mihai Marius Mihu / Rex Features

read more at The Telegraph or see more of his work on his Flickr page


Emmanuel Bossuet: Haute Couture Busts

Paris-based Emmanuel Bossuet is one of the rare art directors of his generation to conceive his work with such an intense decorative dimension. Debuting as a graphic consultant at Philip Starck’s, he soon after established EEM as an agency aimed to one-of-a-kind projects. Studios such as Martine Sitbon or Sonia Rykiel requested him for his skill as a decorative designer.

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Louis Reith

To say I’m enamored with Louis Reith’s work would be a massive understatement. He has found a visual language that resonates so perfectly with his materials. I really love the texture, shape, form, language and rhythm.

Louis Reith is an artist and graphic designer. With ‘communication’ as primary aim in his graphic work, Reith seeks tranquility in his drawings, collages and sculptures. By typographic forms on old book pages and the use of maps, Reith creates a world of mountain landscapes and abstract works.

Quoted from his exhibition notes at Gallerie Iris Cornelis

See more of his work at his portfolio site and at Gallerie Iris Cornelis in Amsterdam where he has a show running through April 11.

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