Image dump 151

In cleaning out old files I came across a mountain of great images. They are in no particular order and have no links to their origins (sorry). So I will be posting 100 at a time. 151 this time. Enjoy.


Image dump 100

In cleaning out old files I came across a mountain of great images. They are in no particular order and have no links to their origins (sorry). So I will be posting 100 at a time. Enjoy.


Gumdesign: Espressioni duotidiane (Expressions daily) ceramics

Nice set of ceramics, with an albeit strange rational.

Quoted rational from the Gumdesign site translated from Italian
2011 / In the logic of “expression” (the smart object looking for a subtle dialogue with the man, the “sign” minimum, “the expression” that is characteristic of the human translated in question) here is the birth of the collection, through a simple manual cutting.
The vessel (reminiscent of an amphora, archetypal elements of history and tradition) from which all 6 take shape container is made of clay and treated entirely with the slip, the upper edge and the inside will hand enameled in white polished, the series comes from a reflection on the state of mind of being human that is transmitted by the facial expression.

These changes of expression of the human face can be translated to the object through small signs that completely changes the very essence of the vessel, formally and functionally (by flower vase centerpiece, a fruit bowl and jug).

via Design Milk


Journal Bandolier

Great concept.

[jour.nal n.] a strap fitted with small loops for carrying pens, pencils, and other handy tools wrapped around a journal, planner, or other book.

This style of Bandolier is handmade using reclaimed rubber and elastic. The strap is 2 inches wide and sewn into a loop which measures 5.75 inches long when laid flat. It fits easily around books that run a little over 5 inches wide such as the Moleskine 5.52×8.25 inch journal or the Handbook journal of a similar size. Each loop is approximately 1 inch wide. There are a total of 7 loops.

Get one on ETSY


Edouard Urcadez: Fiskars Audio Products concepts

Beautiful, minimalist amplifier concept.

Read more at Yanko Design

What if Sony made cars, Apple made dishwashers and Google made furniture? This poses a unique opportunity for a designer to take a company’s brand identity and apply it to a market they don’t currently serve. Designer Edouard Urcadez took the Fiskars brand aesthetic (known for shears and garden tools) and translated it into a HDD headphone amplifier called the “88.”

via Gizmodo


Louie Rigano: About-time

Fun clock concept for the Venn Diagram enthusiast. The yellow circle is the second hand, the blue circle is minute hand, and the red circle is the hour hand.

About-Time is a clock that challenges our power of perception and intuition. Featuring a constantly changing composition, through both color and form, it invites us to view the idea of time from a fresh perspective. Three translucent circles, each one’s size equivalent to the corresponding hand of traditional clocks, pivot atop a larger white circle. The location of the circles’ outer most points refer to the time. Traditional clocks, utilizing written numbers, rely on reading the information. This clock relies solely on visual information in the form of varying colors and shapes. Time is manifested into a new and purely visual language.

Learn more and see more of his work.

via Gizmodo