Flickr ‘in memoriam’ accounts

This is interesting, and the first I’ve seen of this idea. I like it.

Flickr is introducing ‘in memoriam’ accounts. These accounts come after concern from users about what happens to their images after they pass away (or late photographers who still have images on Flickr).

Flickr says ‘in memoriam’ accounts ‘will preserve all public content in a deceased member’s account, even if their Pro subscription lapses […] The account’s username will be updated to reflect the “in memoriam” status and login for the account be locked, preventing anyone from signing in.

To help preserve the accounts of members who have already passed away, Flickr is asking for help to identify existing accounts that are deserving of ‘in memoriam’ status. A dedicated article has been added on Flickr’s Help Center to help explain the process.

via DP review