Handiedan’s collage work

Amazing work. See more on his site


Sander Vandenbroucke : Brussels Express

Great video: Traffic through the eyes of a european bike messenger

A documentary about bike messengers in Brussels, the most congested city in Europe with only 4% cycling traffic.
(2012 – 19 min)

Directed, shot & edited by Sander Vandenbroucke
2nd camera: David Doom
Music: Mathieu Vandekerckhove
Translations: Thierry Eeckhout


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Less is More: Mishka Henner’s take on Robert Frank’s classic

Take the 83 images from Robert Frank’s 1958 classic, Les Américains. Use Photoshop to erase half the content. Leave some hats and chairs and jukeboxes. Add an “s” to the title and you have Less Américains, Mishka Henner’s latest book project, and the most striking example of his ongoing use of new technologies to illuminate the past and invigorate the present.

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The 9 circles of hell from Dante’s Inferno recreated in Lego










Mihai Marius Mihu

Lego artist Mihai Marius Mihu says: I didn’t read the Divine Comedy, only the small descriptions of the circles I found on the websites. I didn’t want to be much influenced by the original descriptions because I wanted to give a whole new fresh approach for each circle. I thought more about the significance of titles and from then on it was only my imagination.
Picture: Mihai Marius Mihu / Rex Features

read more at The Telegraph or see more of his work on his Flickr page


Ducati Monster MS4R by Paolo Tesio

Great transformation.

This is the Ducati Monster MS4R, a redesigned ’93 S4R owned by Italian automotive designer Paolo Tesio. Tesio has created a modern looking Monster that can be built with minor structural changes and bolt on body panels. Even though by looking at these images you’d think this Monster has undergone a huge transformation if you place it next to a stock S4R it is evident how little Paolo has actually changed.

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Triple Decker Jack White Poster

Great mix of old and new technologies and some really good thinking.

The Triple Decker Poster was created, designed and printed by Matthew Jacobson and Bryce McCloud using techniques from both the 15th AND 21st Centuries. It’s composed of three separate posters that when combined create an all new poster on it’s own… It’s kind of a ‘fourth wall’ inter-dimensional type thing and you’re going to want one, two, or all three of these posters. If you haven’t already, go to the main page now and see how these posters look, and work together.

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Gumdesign: Espressioni duotidiane (Expressions daily) ceramics

Nice set of ceramics, with an albeit strange rational.

Quoted rational from the Gumdesign site translated from Italian
2011 / In the logic of “expression” (the smart object looking for a subtle dialogue with the man, the “sign” minimum, “the expression” that is characteristic of the human translated in question) here is the birth of the collection, through a simple manual cutting.
The vessel (reminiscent of an amphora, archetypal elements of history and tradition) from which all 6 take shape container is made of clay and treated entirely with the slip, the upper edge and the inside will hand enameled in white polished, the series comes from a reflection on the state of mind of being human that is transmitted by the facial expression.

These changes of expression of the human face can be translated to the object through small signs that completely changes the very essence of the vessel, formally and functionally (by flower vase centerpiece, a fruit bowl and jug).

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Vintage Pharmaceutical Advertising

Always nice to cherry pick from the past. Via CR

Advertisement for Geigy c. 1954-55; Courtesy of Display

Ad for Dompe by Franco Grignani, 1954; Courtesy of Display

Penicillin ad in Scope Magazine, designed by Lester Beall, 1949

Ad for Roche by Aldo Calabresi for Studio Boggeri, photo by Sergio Libis, 1959