easy street

Hello world!

Log 12022021: Here we go again, new experiment time.

This time we're going old school, straight up html coded into the index and edited live. I don't have the time for cms's, wysiwyg's, or anyone else's mousetraps. BT;DT.

A fortuitous sign is that today is the same forwards, backwards, and upside down. Let's take a ride and see where this goes.

Item of share: I saw this last night and it floored me, the scale and scope, the poetry of composition, and the absolute clarity of vision left me thinking about this all day. I think the first part of the interview with Gladwell is labored, but that's Gladwell. The Elvis segment is what really makes this for me, and spoke to many of the feelings I was having.

Moment in time: After our annual ritual of felling a moment in the mirror world happened

Jakie post fell in the mirror world